of the town PÍSEK its region

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more than you can find in a guidebook.


The town of Písek has a rich cultural tradition. Many of its numerous sights and places of interest are related to literary works or their authors. Písek is also a significant contemporary cultural centre that is worth visiting.

The project called “Čtení z Písku” (Reading in the sand*) – – aims to promote the cultural heritage of the town of Písek and its present. Literary extracts, author profiles, information about places of interest and visual supplements are all interconnected to offer the visitors a hidden view of the town, which cannot be found in any guidebook. Since 2016 the website features original literary tourist routes. The information on these routes including the audio version (English and German) can be found on the homepage of the website. The printed version is available at the tourist information centre, the town public library and the Prácheň Museum.

The website was created in cooperation of the Town Public Library with the Prácheň Museum and with the financial support of the town of Písek sourced from the program to support culture and tourism.


Representing the Town Public Library:
PhDr. Hana Týcová,, tel.: +420 382 201 820

Representing the Prácheň Museum in Písek:
Mgr. Věra Matoušová,, tel.: +420 382 201 129


Actual and historical photographs of  Písek.